A Funny Thing Happened Last Night On the Air….

Last night my good friend Mark Simone emailed me during the show. I always check my emails during commercials. God forbid I should miss an incoming message, even while doing a live broadcast!  Mark is a fabulous DJ for WOR in NY (710 AM), from 10 AM – Noon weekdays. Not only a great DJ, but a mensch.  You have to catch his show. Anyway, Mark emails me that my all-time favorite music jock, the incomparable and irreplaceable Jonathan Schwartz, is with him and the two of them are listening to my show. Better yet, Jonathan Schwartz, THE Jonathan Schwartz, says I’m “very good”.

In case you’ve never heard of Jonathan, he has introduced millions of us to the “Great American Songbook” and its singers, everyone from Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett to Tierney Sutton and Diana Krawl. I’ve spent almost every Saturday and Sunday listening to Jonathan Schwartz on the radio. Jonathan is a tastemaker, a critic and a teacher.  I’m not a gusher, but even my kids know that when Jonathan is on the radio, they need to hush up and pay attention. My idol is speaking.

So I’m on the air, and I’m hearing that Jonathan is hearing me as I’m doing my broadcast. And I have no presence of mind whatsoever. What I SHOULD have done was give a shoutout to Mark Simone and Jonathan Schwartz. “Hey guys, thanks for listening, how about calling in?” What did I do instead? You guessed it. Not a single thing. Welcome to the land of woulda coulda shoulda. I know it well.

Jonathan, if you see this blog, I’m reminded of the lyric-

Hear my voice where you are
Take a train, steal a car
Hop a freight, grab a star, come back to me”

You know the song. Please- Come Back To Me. And please, come on the show! I’ve read your memoir, “All in Good Time”. We can talk about that. We can talk about Richard Rodgers. We can talk about the unthinkable- who will take over to teach the next generation when you no longer wish to do it? Or we can talk about who is great right now, who are the next interpreters of the Great American Songbook that are out there right now and deserve our support.  I don’t care what we talk about, as long as we talk. Please find me, your good friend Mark Simone knows how.

I really do love what I do. Pinch me.