Fast List of Government Spying on You

Your federal government has been really busy lately prying into your affairs. Consider the following:

1. Monday’s revelation that AT & T has gotten paid to permit DEA agents to routinely access EVERY call that passes through an AT &T switch !!!

2. Thousands of untrained Obamacare workers to have access to your IRS info.

3. New HUD regulations that empower data collection by race per zip code and give themselves the right to “remedy” neighborhoods by attacking zoning.

4. Daily new reports of more invasive collection by NSA.

5. DEA admits it sets up drug busts by wiretapping citizens without a warrant first.

Confirming what we knew all along, the Patriot Act provides perfect cover to allow all law enforcement to pry into our personal records and data without probable cause or suspicion of particular criminal activity. Terrorism, which was the original excuse for changing our Constitution without going to the trouble of amending it, is just the ruse, the topical excuse for the government’s warrantless invasion of our personal lives.

What can we do about it? Actually, it’s not that hard. Here would be my quick fixes:

1.Immediate repeal of the Patriot Act. Time to start over.

2. Congressional hearings on all of these issues  to curtail the misuse of executive power of the President.

3. Repeal those HUD regulations which are designed to cure a “problem” that is really a political agenda.

4. Fire the head of the DEA immediately.

5. Prosecute all those who decided to pay AT &T to wiretap our phones.

Watch what happens in a democracy. Sometimes we are slow to wake, but eventually we look up and take notice. President Obama is on the defensive on Syria because he acted like a dictator instead of a former Constitutional law professor. The Press is finally starting to question all of these secret government surveillance programs. Polls are showing the tide is turning- the public is starting to realize that Ed Snowden is a patriot, not a traitor.

Tonight I will be in shul for the beginning of the Jewish new year, which is a time of personal reflection and repentance. These trends seem overwhelming, as if beyond the ability of individual people to change their direction. But we need to remember that there are people behind all of these decisions, individual people who grabbed power, turned on the spigot, and never shut it off. They have been manipulating our fears of another terrorist attack ever since September 11, 2001. We have been too complacent and too fearful ourselves of being called unpatriotic.

Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan became democracies against all odds. Surely we Americans can reclaim our Constitutional heritage.
But we have to get moving. Time to stop merely exercising our biceps, and start moving our vocal cords as well. Time to speak up.

Wishing you a peaceful, healthy and happy New Year.  Much Love, Lisa


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