A Week To Remember


Life is such a blur most of the time that we can barely remember what we had for breakfast, much less what we did a whole week ago. But last week was so momentous, so full of stimulation and joy, that I owe it to myself, dear reader, to write it down. If I kept a journal, instead of an on-line open-to-the-police state and hackers everywhere calendar, here is what it would have included:

Monday night: Featured as an author in local library fundraiser, Books & Cooks. Highlight- meeting Stephanie N, frequent listener, apparent fan, mother of 5, who called into the show once to tell me of her son’s suicide. She won a contest to come to the event, and so I got to meet this remarkable woman in person, together with her husband. Saw a picture of their other four children, one more accomplished than the next, posing together marathon-fit before a race. Truly moving.

Lisa and Stephanie at Books 'n Cooks
Lisa and Stephanie at Books ‘n Cooks

Tuesday night: Spoke to UJA Women’s Business/Professional Group of Westchester. Great crowd, fabulous women. Spoke about reinventing yourself, moving from one career to the next. Sold lots of books, met so many great women. And of course, being a Jewish event, the food was fabulous.

Wednesday: Signed a deal to start a brand new, second radio show at WFAS AM, details to be announced soon. Totally in keeping with my brand of Turn Your Brain On.  Beyond thrilled.

Thursday: Talkers Convention in NY, then Jeffrey Modell Foundation Board Meeting. Huge day, wanted to look my best, because that’s all people remember anyway. Up at 4:30 AM, drove into NYC 5:30 AM for Jill’s best hair and make-up team, squoze into my SKWEEZE, and grabbed a cab to Talkers, there by 8:30. Would you believe I can’t find a picture of myself , all dolled up, to show you? So Typical!!!

Talker Highlights:

  1. Glenn Beck on Free Speech, complete with Nazi era props.
  2. Norm Pattiz on Podcast One, his vision of the new way to reach listeners. Dynamic, brilliant guy. I’d like to be on his roster.
  3. Jeff Smulyan, telling us about the new FM button which will be in smartphones by next year. I followed up with Jeff over the weekend, and he actually called me to discuss this. The dilemma for us AM talkers is that we need to get on an FM signal somehow because AMs will not be in smartphones. FM translators, hello?

(Note to self: Had no clue Jeff Smulyan is truly a legend for sports talk people, the founder of the FAN. First time in my whole radio career my own husband was impressed- “Jeff Smulyan? Jeff Smulyan emailed YOU? Lisa, you’ve made it!”.)

  1. As a Panel Participant at Talkers. Interrupted ongoing debate to say “Can I be a caller?”- You had to be there. Great time, loved every second.
  2. Phil Boyce warning Tom Cuddy not to mess with WOR programming too much. If you were really listening, that was the most telling exchange of the day.

Then attended Board Meeting of Jeffrey Modell Foundation, led by Vicki and Fred Modell, two of the greatest people who walk the planet. What a privilege to know them.

Then on to Smith & Wollensky for a dinner at which my friends Ellen Ratner, Blanquita Cullum, Martha Zoller and others attended. Hosted by a Texas fracker. Oh my. Fun in the big city.

Finally back to Jill’s apartment, where I saw Ally and Jonathan. Did I forget to mention the date was June 6th? Exactly 26 years ago, I became a Mommy that day. Happy birthday, Jon.

Friday, June 7th: Exhausted yet? No way! Big day at the UN! Thanks to Michael Harrison and Ellen Ratner, I interviewed Sir Mark Lyall Grant, UK/UN Ambassador, many others, including the Under-Secretary General for Human Population Growth, Prof. Jeff Sachs, the woman who directs the Measles campaign worldwide, many others. A thrill.  Then back to Westchester, to WFAS, to broadcast the show.

Quelle week. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. Thank you God for giving me the strength and health to enjoy it. I feel like saying a Shehecheyanu …Don’t know what I’m talking about? Look it up.

Now, onward to fight the good fights. I feel another op-ed coming on….


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