Hot Stuff

Donna Summer and Disco, the Bee Gees and Studio 54: Where were you during the summer of 1978? I was 18 years old, had just finished my first year in college, and spent most of my time hanging around the Central Theater in Cedarhurst when I wasn’t working for TWA at Kennedy Airport. My friend Shari was the usher, so I got in for free.  They had only one giant screen in those days. They played one movie for the entire summer, the blockbuster hit “Grease” starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton- John.  I remember Olivia, a/k/a Sandy, transformed from sweet innocent to a black leathered, cigarette-smoking tigress in the final scene.  Yes, the good old days.  Donna Summer’s “Love to Love you, Baby” was noted by Time Magazine as simulating no less than 22 orgasms on the single.  Quaint. Later, we discovered that Studio 54 was the mecca for cocaine, epitomizing the whacked out indulgence and aggressive social climbing of the era.  But this was when I came of age, and for a while Donna Summer monopolized the soundtrack of my era.  Great dance tunes (my favorite was “Hot Stuff”) got us onto the dance floor, and it was that very music that brought my husband and me together at college.  You can’t choose the soundtrack of your youth, but you can look back with fondness on the few artists that gave you some of your best moves.  Thank you, Donna Summer, for so many great disco nights.  Rest in peace.


One thought on “Hot Stuff

  1. I was 10 years old in 1978 and remember the disco days quite well. I wore the male version of platform shoes (what were those called? I’ve long forgotten), and bright silk shirts with big collars were a must! Looking and acting like Vinnie Barbarino was the name of the game. I remember hearing Donna Summer’s “Love to love you baby” with what seemed to my 10 year old brain, lots of moaning, and thinking loving someone must be physically painful!

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