The Ghost Returns!

On our third day of  broadcasting from the home office of Lisa Wexler Talk Show enterprises, the ghost came.  Regular listeners of  the show are familiar with my ghost.  This particular ghost likes to jam up my copy machine, but only when I am around.  The ghost likes to make pages appear and disappear from the glass plate upon which you place the paper. Once, I felt a tug in my right hand when I was standing in front of the machine holding a piece of paper. A phantom tug, but a tug nonetheless.

Years ago, I asked an old and dear client of mine, Clara Hancox, about the ghost. She believed they existed so I told her about this one. She asked if there were kids in the house, which there were at the time. Clara’s explanation was that I had a poltergeist in my office, a mischievous little spirit that played jokes now and then. She advised me to go with it, not against it. I decided to talk to the ghost in a friendly manner and ask him to leave for a while, or at least let me use my copy machine.  We seemed to be on good terms.

However, recently the ghost has come back.  My producer Jaimee was making copies for me the other day. Everything was going along smoothly until I entered the room. Then the machine broke. Again and again. I diplomatically suggested that I leave the office. Sure enough, it started working again.  Yesterday, during the broadcast, Jaimee’s computer crashed.  We knew it had a virus, true. But yesterday’s episode was unlike anything either of us experienced. Hundreds of windows crowded the screen, until the computer appeared to explode from within. Finito.  Years of work, vanished.

Today we prepared as usual for our blogtalkradio internet radio show. At five minutes to four, all seemed serene. At four o’clock, the internet connection broke.  We tried to fix it, but it simply would not reboot.  The ustream wireless connection kept disappearing as well. By five- thirty, the ghost had won. I gave up. Here is what I recorded of the show:

Lisa Wexler Check out this episode on my podcast “Lisa Talks to the Ghost”:
Your ghost stories?  We’ll finish the conversation tomorrow at at 4 PM, Just click “Listen Live”.  Keep your fingers crossed.  We will be.

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