Cong. Jim Himes Willing to Ditch Subs? The Lisa Wexler Show

Today Congressman Jim Himes of the Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District joined us on the phone from DC where he said he was working round the clock to discuss over 600 amendments to the budget thus far.  Six hundred! Sounds like Tennyson’s Charge of the Light Brigade: Into the Valley of Death Rode the  Six Hundred.  Only instead of the Valley of Death, it’s the Valley of Slash and Burn- close enough.

Democrat Himes gave Republican Speaker John Boehner kudos for being the first to inaugurate a budgetary process in which all the representatives have their say, as opposed to just a few committeemen.  Spreading the power around- democracy in action.

Gov.  Malloy sent around a press release today in which he implored Washington to sustain funding of the two Virginia submarines, so important to much of Connecticut’s economy.  So after Cong. Himes told us that he did not think the Obama budget went far enough to cut expenses, I asked him point blank if he supported the Virginia submarine contract.  Here is what Cong. Himes said:

“We can’t have any sacred cows, ..we need to be willing to gore our own oxes  (sic). … My answer, if I am going to be true, if somebody wants to discuss cutting defense products that are made in Connecticut that the Defense Department doesn’t want, I am going to have that conversation… Everything has to be on the table.”

Hear it for yourself in today’s A PieceA Lisa Mini-Podcast:

Lisa Wexler Show/ Cong. Himes Willing to Ditch Subs?

Sounds to me like Congressman Himes may be breaking with the rest of the Connecticut delegation on this one.  Congressmen Courtney,  Murphy, DeLauro, and Senators Lieberman and Blumenthal- where do you stand?

These are the tough calls.  Politicians pontificate daily about the horrid spending in D.C., but let’s face it – we in Connecticut cannot afford to lose one more job, not while our job growth rate is still stagnant.  The question is, why can’t we put people to work building the next generation of energy-efficient coal plants (if there is such a thing) and solar panels, instead of potentially obsolete submarines?

Meantime, today’s show also featured the wonderful Charles Grodin in the studio, and a quick, personal conversation with Sean Hannity.  You can download all at

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