AG Jepsen & Google on Lisa Wexler Show

    Jepsen says he is confident Google will throw it all away.On today’s Lisa Wexler Show, Attorney General George Jepsen stated that he was confident that the final resolution of the “streetview” privacy data case against Google would result in Google destroying all the information it “mistakenly” harvested. Jepsen corrected himself while speaking, initially termimg the behavior “wrongful”, and then amending it to “mistaken”. Connecticut has taken the lead in a case now involving 40 states who allege that Google violated the people’s privacy in gathering unsecured wi-fi data as Google collected information for its “streetview” application. Jepsen is the only Attorney General to have settled a portion of the case, allowing Google not to have to disclose the specific data which was collected.When asked by Wexler how the people of Connecticut would be able to know if and to what extent their personal information was held by Google in view of the settlement terms, Mr. Jepsen hesitated, repeatedly saying he could not discuss the specific terms of settlement negotiations. However, he said that he was confident that ultimately all the data would be destroyed and that the “streetview” application as a whole was being made the subject of settlement negotiations. Jepsen said he shared Wexler’s concerns overall about Google appropriating photos, addresses and other personal information of citizens without their permission.


    The Lisa Wexler show airs from Monday through Friday on AM 1400WSTC/ 1350 WNLK from 4:00- 6:00 PM. Live streaming is on, and at  To hear the entire show, go to, search George Jepsen or Feburary 7, 2011.


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