Chicago, a Hell of a Town

Arrived in the Windy City today with my sister Jill (Jill Zarin, of the Real Housewives of NYC) to appear tomorrow at a Secrets of a Jewish Mother event. The event is to benefit the Ida Crowne Jewish Day School.

We ran around town a little bit today, lunched at a beautiful restaurant called RL, after Ralph Lauren, who designed the place. Gorgeous. Then rested a bit, and went out to Meet Bill Rancic and his very sweet wife Giuliana. What a cute and nice couple. Jill was mobbed by adoring fans at a local pub called The Public, I think. Lots of fun.

Chicago in a tizzy over something called a football game. I kid. The Bears are facing the Packers mañana, and this is a very loyal town. I can see why people love it here. Beautiful, very clean city, and by that I am strictly talking about sidewalks.

Off to a difficult Sudoku to make my brain tired.


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