Changes, the ever constant

This week was a biggie for The Lisa Wexler Show.  Cara Gargano has moved on to the Big Apple, in life and work.  I am grateful to her for her hard work, loyalty and resourcefulness. I will miss you greatly Cara.  Cara’s leaving opened a door for my dear friend Jaimee Kelsey to walk into. Jaimee has always wanted to produce the show and has been a close advisor to me for the last three years. With her brains and ability, the sky is the limit. So I’m thrilled to be working with Jaimee, but I’ll still miss Cara.

It was a long news week too. The trauma of  last Saturday has not really dimmed. We are discovering just how creepy Jared Loughlin is, complete with g string panties and glock pistols.       Is mental illness the culprit or just plain evil?  We’ll be watching.  Speaking of evil, I interviewed Dean Koontz today, the best-selling author of suspenseful, psychological thrillers. He draws characters that give you nightmares, but he is a great storyteller.  Hear my interview with him on today’s A PieceA Lisa podcast:


Change is hard for me. I am a girl who is like a tree. I plant roots and I grow branches, but I stay in one place. Ever since we moved to Connecticut, I knew I had found my home as an adult. When we decided to update our home, we moved out for almost a year, only to move back in.  I just love where I live. I love the view from my kitchen window and the view from the front door. I love my neighbors, and I love  my rock in the front yard.  Bill has  shpilkus, I don’t.  We compromise and vacation in Italy.

By the way, we are looking for an intern who can take these blogs and add links in the copy. Do you know how to do that?

Have a great weekend.  Love, L




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