On My Mind….

Here are the song titles that deluge my mind in August- It Happened In Monterey.  Fly Me to the Moon.  Come Fly With Me. It’s Nice to Go Travelin’. The fact that they are all Sinatra hits may or may not be a coincidence.  Frank Sinatra lived his life on the road, when he wasn’t ensconced between gigs in his home in Palm Springs, decorated in his favor color of orange. He used to say that orange made him happy. Who am I to argue?  When he sang, he made me happy. Those records still bounce; they still fill the air with the sense of possibility.  What’s around the corner?  Who will you meet at a romantic rendezvous?  What adventures lie ahead?

I live in a beautiful place, a town called Westport, in the lovely state of Connecticut. We are blessed to live here, in a town that many still turn to as a vacation destination. Nevertheless, when summer comes, I need to change my scenery, lovely as it is.    I must get away. Those Sinatra songs beckon in my mind.

Since June, I have been to Cape Cod, the Hamptons and Lake Placid.  I had never been to Lake Placid before, and it struck me, as we left our inn last night, just how different all three vacation venues are.  Think Cape Cod- you see beaches, dunes and lobsters.  I don’t even eat lobsters, and I see lobsters. Hamptons? A scene straight out of The Great Gatsby, complete with modern day hedge fund tycoons competing from behind  those hedges to see who has just finished the latest, biggest monstrosity on the block.   Tut, tut, how gauche. Tut, tut, mine is better than yours is.   Lake Placid caused me to invent a new Jackie Mason joke, with apologies to Jackie. ” A Jew and a gentile are pausing to consider where they will ride their bicycles. The Jew says, “That road looks good.  Nice and flat, no bumps in the road.”  The Gentile says, “That mountain looks great. All peaks and valleys.”  And there you have it. I was the Jew in Lake Placid, land of the great Whiteface Mountain, and many, many lesser hills.  My husband, on the other hand, was the gentile, metaphorically speaking.  He had a blast cycling, I had the greatest of fun walking, doing yoga, and inhaling that fabulous air.

I store up those images of mountains, lakes, dunes and beaches. They sustain me when life gets too hectic and too commonplace, when getting away becomes something I do in my mind, rather than in my car.  May you too enjoy your summer changes of scenery, whatever they are.


One thought on “On My Mind….

  1. Storing images. I can’t agree more. I have been struggling with these horrid images that are presented or hinted at in the news of our impending doom. There has been so much on 12-21-12 or the End of Days. It makes one think that it might be best to pack it in now. But who can? We all cherish life hopefully and want to make this world a better place. Or so I think. I hope.
    I was hopeful when I started Bears from Bergenfield as well. My son, Sam was so sick at the time. It was 8 years ago. He was barely hanging in there.
    He was hospitalized for two weeks at Holy Name. We wondered even if he would pull through. In walked a friend with a stuffed dog. The image lit up the room and was etched into my memory. What a cure. What a feel good day.
    I had been organizing the students at Yeshivot and Day schools in the area to make Pins for Peace to twin with victims of terror in Israel and show them that we care. My son asked me how would any child in Israel appreciate or understand what we were up to? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to send them something of value that they could connect to and with? Of course he was right. It was 8 years ago, almost to the day.
    We were given one Build a bear to send over to the first victim of terror that we met, Monique, who had been studying to be a dancer. She was lucky to live or even to be able to walk again. Her mother, Sharon found us, the organization, kids4kids who would be willing to receive any further donations were we to receive any. We also had to figure out how to get the toys to Israel. We are sending over with Rabbi Steve Kane’s group, 1000 toys on 12/25 to 1000 children in need in Israel, especially now that the Carmel Fires are extinguished. When I will be standing there handing over the 10 duffel bags, stuffed with toys and good cheer, I will be remembering those images that calm the spirit and make me smile and most of all feel hopeful.

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