Memory Lane

This week my husband and I experienced a big event in our lives. We took our youngest, our official emptying-our-nester, on a tour of some college campuses around the country.  It’s been almost thirty years since we made that journey ourselves.  Colleges look a lot cleaner today than they did 30 years ago.  They seem a lot more organized too.  I am remembering frisbee playing in the quads, lounging around on stoops outside dorm rooms, and lousy cafeteria food.  Today the food is fabulous, the frisbee has been replaced by a state of the art multi-million dollar athletic center, and you have to pass through three levels of security before you even get to your dorm room. Such is life- the external changes.  The internal- that’s where you need to pay attention.  Our last stop this week was the place where Bill and I met, graduated from school, and became engaged.  Lots of memories flooded in.  As they say on a famous Saturday Night Live skit, I was “ferklempt”.  I needed to make a memory. I held hands in between my husband and daughter, inhaled the unseasonably chilly air, and insisted that all of us close our eyes to capture the moment. Years from now, when our empty nester has truly fled, at least I’ll have that memory- the three of us on the cusp, waiting for the next stage to begin.


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