Update May 2 on Anti-Israel Intimidation at Ithaca College

Pls see prior post for how this story began. Today I received an update from Alyia which I reprint in it’s entirety:

“Good Morning Lisa!

Sorry I couldn’t get back to you earlier.  Here’s the update as of this morning.
A member of the Student Alliance for Israel contacted Camera. CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) is a media-monitoring organization devoted to promoting accurate and balanced coverage of Israel. CAMERA helps students learn effective skills and strategies for countering anti-Israel bias. 
Camera responded and was appalled by the situation on campus.  They asked that we write something for their publication and offered their support.
In terms of school administration, things are upsetting.  Ithaca College President, Tom Rochon and Student Affairs Vice President, Brian McAree have responded to student emails but have not shown an ounce of support.  They continue to say that Students for a Just Peace had permits to demonstrate and fly the Palestinian flag but they are ignoring all cries for help and support from the student community. By showing their lack of respect to the safety and well being of the student body and demonstrating indifference to the situation and atmosphere on campus, they are allowing history to repeat itself.  
Thank you for your care and support.  I can’t tell you what it means to me and to every student who feels silenced and criminalized for supporting Israel’s right to exist.  I hope you’re having a good weekend!  
Shalom v’ahava, 
Student Alliance for Israel
Ithaca College “
My Comment:
1. This letter speaks for itself.
2. I wonder if the administration of Ithaca College will respond when concerned parents of Jewish kids, who may be thinking of attending Ithaca College, have second thoughts about this school.  For $50,000 a year, maybe these families will find another, more hospitable, place to send their young adults.
3. I did some research on Google and found that not too long ago Ithaca College was accused by a professor of “pro-Zionist” policies as an explanation as to why that particular professor did not get the promotion she felt she deserved. Here is the blurb:

The Chronicle of Higher Education and the Ithacan reported late last week that an assistant professor at Ithaca College, Margo Ramlal-Nanoke, hired a law firm to confront the college’s administration and board of trustees about her tenure.

Ramlal-Nanoke, a native of India who grew up in the Carribean, teaches classes about global race, ethnic relations and women in the third world. She also advises the student group Students for a Just Peace, which supports human rights and is against the occupation of the Palestinian territories, according to the group’s online listing.

In a letter sent to the college’s board of trustees, Ramlal- Nanoke and her law firm alleged her tenure review was “influenced by blatant political lobbying against her based on her teachings on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.”

Maybe Ithaca College was cowed by this lawsuit and decided that from now on, better to err against the students who speak up for Israel.

4. Unfortunately, Ithaca Colleges and other institutions of higher learning are being placed front and center in the middle of this conflict, whether they like it or not. Therefore, they had better be evenhanded about it and level the playing field regarding freedom of expression. As I said before, ignoring it won’t make it go away.








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