The other day Wayne Pacelle was on the show and we got to talking about elephants.  Wayne Pacelle is the Executive Director of the Humane Society of the United States and runs legislative policy for the better treatment of animals in our country. 

I asked about circus elephants, having read much recent news about the lawsuits and controversy surrounding this issue.  Wayne explained to me that elephants are among the most intelligent animals on this earth and the conditions under which they are imprisoned and mistreated in circuses are simply unacceptable. He persuaded me.  

Sara Gruen’s novel, Like Water for Elephants, also helped persuade me.

This video http://fun.mivzakon.co.il/flash/video/2344/2344.html convinced me.  I will never see elephants the same way again. Take a few minutes out of your life and look at it.

Also, can someone please tell me exactly how to link my blog to my new facebook site? I am positively paleolithic when it comes to these things- Lisa


One thought on “Elephants

  1. Lisa,
    Re: Putting your blog address into your facebook
    In case you haven’t been told yet, just copy your blogs wordpress address and then paste it into your facebook. I would paste it under your picture where it says “Tell something about yourself”. I’ve also added it to your facebook fan page.

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