Michael Steele on Obama

I know I haven’t blogged in quite a white.

It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say, it’s that I’ve been saying it on the radio. Maybe I should just publish my opening monologues as my blogs- they are the same kind of stream of  consciousness writing I do here. On the other hand, more for me to do, so maybe not.

The Live! with Lisa radio show is now on 6 days a week. We air live on Sats from 10:30 Noon but now also on Monday- Friday 8-9 PM on AM 1400 WSTC/1350 WNLK in Fairfield County, and on www.wstcwnlk.com. That’s a lot of shows to prep and write and I’m loving it, but who has time for much else? (some people who are far better time managers than I, or people to delegate to… ).

HOWEVER, today it was announced that Michael Steele was elected Chairman of the Republican Party. Congrats Michael, I was hoping it would be you.  I know Michael from way back. We were classmates at Johns Hopkins undergrad from 1978-1981.  He was our Student Council President,  and he was a handsome, gregarious, charming fellow. A standout even then, and not for his color, although I’m guessing he was one of very few black men in our class.

Last February, in the middle of the presidential campaign, Michael Steele came on my show. Hear my interview with Michael Steele by clicking on www.livewithlisaradio.com.  It’s the February 16, 2008 show. ( I have tried umpteen times tonight to link it properly to that page- can’t get it to work).  

Michael Steele  makes a quotable quote when I asked him about his view of Obama. Let’s put it this way- he didn’t like him very much. He said- “Obama is not my brother” or words to that effect. Seems there is some bitterness over the fact that Obama went into Maryland to campaign against Steele when Steele was running for the Senate seat there.  So it will be veddy interesting to see how this plays out, for the short and long term. Don’t underestimate Michael; he’s a smart guy. And somehow I doubt he is a right wing conservative. I’m guessing he will represent the moderate wing of the Republican Party. But what to do with Sarah Palin? Ah, the fun of it all…

Hope you’ll tune in and listen to the show. And write me.


3 thoughts on “Michael Steele on Obama

  1. I can’t let the most amazing Black History Month ever pass by without a comment about Michael Steele. It seems the Republicans are running to catch up, that is obvious. With your long-term connection with and impression of Mr. Steele, I feel very good about his ability to lead the party. I respect your read on someone you’ve known for so long.

    As February draws to a close, I was wondering about a statement of your mom on the last “Apple Wives” (as I call it) to Bethenny about so many tears and so much sickness. How is Jill’s nephew who was so sick with a heart problem last year? I think of him often. He is the age of my two sons and I can’t imagine such an illness sapping strength and spirit from one so young!

    Happy Spring (soon, please G–, soon) and I will give you an update of my recent work with poetry and children. Our first-ever Mass Poetry Fest last October was a delight! Shalom, Karen

    1. Karen, it was Jill’s stepson who was so ill last year and I am glad to report that he is doing much better, thanks to a new medicine that was brought on the market. Thanks for checking in- Lisa

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