Sarah Palin

There is an email circulating now with comments from women in response to the candidacy of Sarah Palin. I have taken an intense dislike to Sarah Palin- to the positions she stands for and to the woman herself.  Perhaps it is the hypocrisy of telling me to live her family values while not respecting mine. I hate that. Or maybe it’s the simple fact that she authorized the senseless, inhumane practice of shooting defenseless wolves from helicopters. Or that she doesn’t care much about polar bears, who, when last seen, were drowning in the Arctic Ocean whose ice caps have melted substantially during the last 2 summers. The poor polar bears were seen trying to swim 400 miles towards the next land surface.  (see Sat NY Times op-ed September 6, 2008).  Anyway, this is my addition to that email of other like-minded women:

1. As a radio host, I have spoken my views publicly on programs September 5, 2008 and September 6, 2008, which will be uploaded soon on

2. I believed that I would like Sarah Palin before she spoke- that although I would disagree with her views, I would like her. However, when you think about the twin nicknames she has garnered- Sarah Barracuda and Miss Congeniality, they are really at odds with one another. You can’t be both a barracuda and congenial at the same time. What we saw at the convention was the barracuda.
3. What troubles me most about the candidacy of Ms. Palin is not that she privately acts according to her own beliefs; it is that her private beliefs become a matter of public policy once she attains office.  By trying to decide what books are available for me to read, she shows a complete disregard of the first amendment. By beIittling the efforts of good people to ensure that citizens and detainees are read their rights when arrested, she shows her contempt for our sixth amendment.  By insisting that sexual education be banned in schools, she deprives my children and yours of knowledge that is essential to understanding their reproductive choices. The consequence of ignorance of those choices is found in hospital wards all over the world- aids, STDs, cervical viruses that result in cancer, unwanted children, and abortions. By trying to equate creationism with evolution, she disregards the separation of church and state which is the cornerstone of religious freedom and tolerance in our nation. By choosing to ignore the overwhelming  evidence that human conduct is responsible for climate change, she allows herself the freedom to refuse to make the changes that are necessary to confront drastic changes in our environment, our weather, and our animal, plant and marine ecologies.   
I find myself angry that Sarah Palin is being given this historic opportunity to represent women when they walk into the voting booth.  I am praying, fervently, that both men and women will see that merely being a woman does not suffice.  We are all voting for candidates based on who they are and what they stand for, and she certainly does not represent me.

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