Lisa’s List/ Week of May 23, 2008

Five Words That Were Not Common Verbs Five Years Ago

1. To text: to write messages on your phone; similar to e-mail.

2. To Google: to search a person or subject matter

3. To Friend someone: to put them on your social networking site

4. To Facebook: to put search someone on Facebook or to put something on Facebook’s wall

5. To Blog: to write in a web journal.





One thought on “Lisa’s List/ Week of May 23, 2008

  1. I was thinking today how our children have their best talks with their friends and family by texting on their cell phones. My daughter Anna will not talk to me face to face about something important, but we can send 100 texts and talk about whats important or bothering. It bothers me that we are raising a generation of people that can only communicate through text. One day, there will be no more laughter. People will just say “LOL”. Now that is sad

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