Boring Oscars

The Oscars have not finished yet and I turned them off anyway. No interest.  Even the film clips this year have no zip. While watching the names of Best Picture winners of the past, I found myself thinking- some of those were great movies, but not all of them. Some of them I never even saw, and I am a major movie buff.  Major.

Just about the only channel I watch is TCM Turner Classic Movies. Thank you Ted Turner for giving me the one channel where I can watch my black and whites without commercials.

Why is there no zip tonight?  John Stewart is off his game- he’s simply not funny. The nominated movies are too violent, too gory for me. I haven’t seen them yet and I am unlikely to want to see them tomorrow.

The only radiant star is Marion Cotillard for La Vie En Rose, but I am partial to Piaf. That movie I’ll see.

Why is Hollywood today so worlds apart from the Hollywood of yesterday?  It’s the chicken or the egg question- which came first? The increasingly vulgar culture that influenced Hollywood, or the Hollywood that vulgarized our culture?  Either way, we are stuck with people of influence who prefer to see the dark side of life, who glamourize violence and gore, who see beauty in long, extended visual sequences of death and dying.

Not my cup of tea.  But look who’s talking- my favorite movie of all time is The Sound Of Music.  

 What’s your favorite movie?  


2 thoughts on “Boring Oscars

  1. Lisa,
    A great movie night for me would be “Terms of Endearment” followed by “The Evening Star”. I could watch them a million times.

  2. The most awarded film in history is “Brokeback Mountain” yet the Academy gave the Oscar to “Crash,” which is already forgotten, instead of “Brokeback.” I think it is obvious that homophobia is the reason for this, so I don’t care about the Oscars anymore. To me, “Brokeback Mountain” is the most perfect and wonderful film ever made. It is so brilliantly crafted, and is so rich in classical allusions, that it will be studied for centuries to come. I have lived a variation of the Brokeback story, so I am partial. I waited 50 years to finally see a movie that I could truly relate to.

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