Media Bias in FRONT OF MY EYES

Scene: Yale Child Study Center, New Haven, CT

Date & Time: 2/4/08: 10:30 AM

Players: 1.  Lisa Wexler, sitting with the press corps, no laptop, blackberry or other communicating device.  Holding a tiny Olympus recorder, realizing it has no battery.

2. Clinton’s traveling press corps, complete with every communication device known to man.

3. Clinton’s traveling press corps camerapeople, whose cameras I have come to realize are frequently used as a lethal weapon if you happen to be in the way of a good shot.

Act I:  Hillary Clinton walks into the room with a smile, sits down.  Hillary Clinton is introduced by a man who works at the Yale Child Study Center, who fondly remembers Hillary from her days as a Yale Law Student when she volunteered her time at the Center to help abused children.

After a heartfelt and warm introduction, Hillary says with a smile something to the effect of , I thought I wasn’t going to tear up, but now it seems like I might be on a different path…

The moment passes, it is clear there is real affection at the table, and the discussion begins.

Act II: Immediately, the person writing for the Daily News (not sure whose Daily News, incidentally ,but saw that by-line at top)- types on his laptop: “Hillary Clinton tears up again…”   

HELLO?  I was right there- this was a normal emotional moment, and a normal comment for someone to make after such a personal introduction.  What is this particular journalist trying to prove with his headline?  Why this headline? Is he trying to show that Hillary is on an emotional roller-coaster? That she cries all the time???

This is precisely the kind of slanted reporting that I despise.

These politicians simply can’t get a break.  Period.  No wonder why it’s so hard to get good people to run for office these days- the media must take some responsibility for this.

And here is another tidbit for good measure:

So I’m sitting next to a journalist who travels with Hillary’s campaign, who isn’t even voting tomorrow.  Why do I have the feeling that she isn’t the only one?

Did I tell you I have no respect for people who don’t vote???- especially if they are in the media, when they are, theoretically, more informed. Although, based on what I saw today, maybe it is just as well… 

 Tomorrow I get to vote- yeah! 



One thought on “Media Bias in FRONT OF MY EYES

  1. This is very sad. Our media in America care first and foremost about sales and profits. News and Truth are down around #674 on the list.

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