Hillary Clinton at Yale today

For me, a record. Two presidential candidates in person within 24 hours. Yesterday John McCain at Sacred Heart, today Hillary Clinton at Yale Child Study Center.

Naturally, I had no camera and my recorder’s battery wore out. Same old story for the non-tech Lisa.

The Yale visit was intimate and refreshing.  Less than 100 people in the room, including media, which took up almost half the seats. Sen. Clinton sat around a rectangle table with ordinary women, some more accomplished than others, talking about what matters to them in their everyday struggles of child care, health care, and managing to keep their heads above water economically.    Sen. Clinton looked splendid in a lovely yellow jacket; in person, she was attractive in every way.  

I was happy to hear a presidential candidate focus on children and health care, things we can and should improve.

Next post on media bias right in front of my eyes.     


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