McCain Rally at Sacred Heart Today

Just returned from McCain rally at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. Big Crowd, mostly friendly.  Observations:

 1. I liked that McCain is unpretentious, even with his speeches. No secret service, no pat-downs, very light security.  He was comfortable addressing a couple of hecklers, respectful of the process. He seems very comfortable in his own skin, which is reassuring, and a stark contrast to the present occupant of the White House.

2. There was not one black or hispanic face that I could see in the crowd. Not one.  It occurred to me that McCain may be capable of reaching across the aisle in Congress, but his campaign has not reached across the broad spectrum of people that comprise America.

3.  McCain spoke briefly, concentrating on the issue of the war against terrorism. For those for whom this is the most important issue, McCain is your candidate. 

4. I think the war against pollution of every kind: air, water, habitat, food- is the most critical issue of our time. If we don’t fight that war- by conserving our resources, developing clean energy and protecting the diversity of wildlife that still remains on this planet- then we are missing the big picture for the next generations. McCain is better on these issues than most of his Republican colleagues, but his solution to the energy crisis is to re-introduce nuclear power plants.   I do not understand why we would want to return to an energy source that has problems we haven’t solved yet, such as the shelf-life of the waste it produces.

5. McCain is proud of having supported Alito and Roberts to the Supreme Court. I think they are a disaster.   


One thought on “McCain Rally at Sacred Heart Today

  1. McCain spoke at the memorial service for Mark Bingham, who was one of the heroes of United flight 93. He said that Mark, a gay man, saved his life by helping to bring that plane down. Yet McCain supports keeping gay citizens as third-class citizens, unable to serve in our military, unable to have ANY kind of marriage rights, and unable to have equal rights to work or buy a home without discrimination. McCain is a jerk.

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