Ron Paul Attention

If the number of telephone calls to my show today and website hits on my site tonight are an indicator of votes, then Ron Paul will be tallying up serious votes in the coming primaries. He has definitely tapped into a segment of the electorate who is fed up with excessive taxation and government interference.  Phil Maymin was a guest on the show today and we took calls asking people to explain why they support Ron Paul for president.

I am not persuaded that Ron Paul should be president because some of his ideas, taken to their logical conclusions, trouble me. For example, I believe that the environment is like national defense- we have to pool our resources and make some tough decisions because as individuals we simply cannot make enough of a difference to protect our habitat and our wildlife. I am less optimistic than many libertarians who rely on the free forces of the market to cure all our ills. This philosophy hasn’t gotten us anywhere in the media business for example, where the corporate consolidation and consolidation of various media in the hands of a few people have led us to the current sorry state of  radio and television, where creativity is crushed and few alternative viewpoints are treated with respect.

On the other hand, I am totally in agreement with the sensitivity of libertarians to my freedom of thought, of movement, of speech and assembly.  Privacy in particular is on their agenda, and resistance to the build-up of the third arm of the military-industrial complex, which is the military /security-surveillance/ industrial complex. (See Naomi Wolf’s The End of America on that subject).  And it certainly is a nice daydream to dream of a world without the IRS, but think of all the accountants that would be put out of business…   There are special interests everywhere.

To you Ron Paul advocates , I say, go out and vote and make people pay attention to your concerns.

If someone out there can find me a candidate who will put the environment and solar energy as first on his or her agenda, let me know.  Al Gore doesn’t seem to be running.   


5 thoughts on “Ron Paul Attention

  1. Maybe you should consider that if we weren’t in a one-sided war with Iraq and Afghanistan, if our dollar wasn’t rapidly losing its value, if we weren’t busy threatening to war with Iran, if we weren’t busy torturing captives who have no chance at legal representation, if our country hadn’t sold out to China, if we weren’t subsidizing military bases in hundreds of countries worldwide, we would have the altogether to focus more on the environment and solar energy! Our trust in an honest leader will go a very long way in motivating us to what is best for the nation at large. Let’s at least put someone in The White House who wants to get our house in order!

  2. Well said JC. No one can completly agree with Ron Paul but one thing is true he has never flopped and he knows that our federal taxes go to paying interest only and executive order 11110 will allow him to create money instead of borrowing it. That would mean no more federal income tax.

  3. It is important to point out that your statement about the media is incorrect on two counts.

    *** POINT 1 *** (it’s long … 2 is shorter)

    Keep in mind that all media outlets, except newspapers, are licensed. That means that in order to broadcast, you must have a politician or bureaucrat on the payroll, or put out stuff so bland that nobody could possibly object, or both. In my studies of economics, I have had a startling epiphany: there is exactly one way to maintain a stable, abusive, monopoly or oligopoly position. That one way is to have goons doing violence on your behalf, and forcibly preventing others from competing with you. The laws of economics just don’t permit you to buy a monopoly. You have to take it by force. And that requires either no government at all (not even protecting people from violence, which is the one legitimate purpose of government), or it requires enough government that you can buy a piece of it and get it to do the violence for you.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re

    a drug company (think imports from Canada, forcibly prevented),

    an insurance company (think of being forced to buy extremely expensive auto insurance that would not help you even in the event of an accident),

    an oil company (who have been protected, ironically enough, by the environmental lobby who won’t let them, or anybody else, build oil refineries in America. Why isn’t there competition? It’s against the law!),

    a housing lender (the sub-prime crisis came about because the government held interest rates so pitifully low for so long that nobody saved any money, everybody borrowed as much as they could, and lenders were so flush with fiat money hot off the presses that they’d make a loan to your damn dog if you let him off the leash),

    or a military contractor (I spent more money on bombs than on food this year, and I don’t *WANT* any bombs),

    or in any other business, if you are making money, there are two possible explanations:

    1) You are producing a good product, selling it at a price people are willing to pay, and satisfying your customers better than anybody else could, given their values and tastes.

    2) You are in bed with the government, in which case the survival of the fittest business, which is the rule of economics, is replaced by the survival of the fattest business, which is mostly what we see in our government crippled market today.

    The tragedy is that people look at what we have today, and they’ve been told all their lives that it’s a free market, so they think that this is what a free market looks like. Hardly. In a free market, if you want to produce something to produce income and improve the lives of others, nobody can possibly stop you because the government apparatus to do so does not exist, but there is enough government to enforce laws against robbery, rape, murder, and fraud, so they can’t stop you themselves.

    *** POINT 2 ***

    I am, as I type, bypassing the government enforced media monopoly. If you got this far, you are, as you read, bypassing the government enforced media monopoly. The Internet is the solution to the media issue. I expect that within a couple of decades, they will have mostly ceased to exist as we know them. This is a wonder thought, but there is a tremendous hidden danger:

    They are going to start trying to regulate the internet, so we have no choice but to come back to them. They’ll tell us it’s for the children. They’ll tell us it’s not safe to read, and hear, and see, and think things which they have not, in their government granted wisdom, vetted, and dumbed down, and spiced up, and evaluated for safety, and examined for political incorrectness, and homogenized for consistency, and targeted for complacency, and basically ruined.

    They’ll talk about the terrorists, and they’ll talk about the predators, and they’ll talk about the scams, and they’ll talk about the spams. They’ll worry their dried up little hearts out that somebody, somewhere, might be paying to get laid, or gambling, or ordering some illicit Viagra, or otherwise trying to have a good time in a way which makes them no money. And since the government is there, corpulent and belligerent, and willing to kill or imprison us all for our own good, they will try to get the government to regulate, just a little at a time, until nothing is left.

    If you’re not the sort who gets frightened by that sort of thing, they’ll play on economic ignorance and imagine that your ISP might shut down all the services you enjoy, but that you’ll somehow be too stupid to shut down your account with them and go elsewhere. Of course, they CAN do that … but first they’ll have to start licensing ISP’s, because as long as any Tom, Dick, or Harry can start up an internet service, as soon as they try, somebody will get grumpy and start their own ISP, just for themselves and their friends, and end up an accidental millionaire. That’s the subtext of the “network neutrality” debate. Create enough regulation to keep the upstarts out, and you’ll see how much better you like you ‘protected’ and ‘safe’ internet experience.

    Wow, I was on a roll. Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. And don’t forget … this is the media that’s free, because the government is not protecting it. As soon as they start protecting it, it’ll be as varied and exciting as prime time TV.

  4. Thanks for the roll. Response to Point 2: I think the day of internet regulation is coming, and so is internet taxation, both of which we can think of as censorship. Internet taxation can be analogized to the poll tax, disenfranchising people from their right of free speech. I hope it gets defeated, but I foresee a trend in that direction, just as the noose of government is tightening everywhere.

    Responses to Point 1 in general are that the free market without any government regulation is a utopian ideal for some people much as communism was a utopian ideal for others. I am too much of a pragmatist to believe in either extreme philosophy, and moreover, the fact is that in practice we humans would just muck it up. The solution for me is to have as little regulation as we can possibly live with and to stop calling things “crimes” which never were crimes.

    To give you an example, forty years ago there were just two volumes of the Connecticut General Statutes in book form. Now there are two complete bookshelves, at least 26 volumes. Do we really need that many laws to tell us what we can and cannot do? And who can bother enforcing them, much less learning what they are?

    Keep fighting the good fight- I assume that all of these blog commenters were Ron Paul supporters. As I write this, it appears that Ron Paul came in second in the Nevada caucus. Let’s see if he finally gets some serious TV, radio and newspaper coverage.

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