Media Bias

What gives? Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel excluded from the Democratic debate because of a poor showing in Iowa?  Iowa?? Ron Paul barely mentioned by the press even though he scored a 10 percent vote in that same Iowa which the press deems to be so important?   Something else is going on here, and I don’t like it one bit.

Is much of the media tired, lazy, corrupt or just playing favorites?  John McCain’s 13 percent finish in Iowa might as well have been a victory for all the press attention it got.   John Edwards is viewed as a disappearing phenomenon, while he continues to pull in substantial percentages of the vote.    

Barack Obama will soon be untouchable, if you believe the press. And the problem is that sometimes the story they report becomes the story.    

At least the conservative talk radio hosts are honest about what they are doing to Huckabee- eating their own young.  Better they should lose to the Democrats than have a Republican nominee who actually dares to disagree with them on issues like immigration.

I’m still one of the great mass of undecideds out here, and I like having a choice of candidates.  Do you agree with me that the media bias has been apparent this last week?


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