What I Learned from Dr. Shankle

Dr. Shankle is a world- famous neurologist, specializing in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  He was on the show this morning, January 5th. Here is what I learned:

 1. Memory loss can be caused by several reasons, including anesthesia, head traumas and alzheimer’s disease.  No matter the cause, memory loss can be reversed with medicine if caught soon enough.  Medicines include  aricept, flumidin. The accumulation of beta-amyloid in the body causes alzheimers.  This beta-amyloid is actually produced by the body when the body has a head injury, which is why boxers and football players lose their memory early.

2. High cholesterol causes memory loss.  Zocor, which is an anti-cholesterol drug, has been proven to reduce alzheimer’s by 50 percent.  Lipitor has no effect on the brain.  Ergo, take Zocor for heart and head.

3. Fish oil is the key to prevention of Alzheimers.  Eat lots of fish, take lots of fish oil supplements. 

4. Early signs of memory loss to be worried about are if you can’t remember recent stuff, like appointments you just made, or whom you just spoke to.  Get a scan as a baseline.

OK that’s it- I needed to write it down in case I forget. Check out my website www.livewithlisaradio.com and go to Dr. Shankle’s guest page to write him directly.    


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