Huckabee Wins Iowa- Surprised? Dismayed?

I’m not surprised at all.  Huckabee is a Southern Baptist preacher. The majority of the voting Republicans in many states today, especially in the primaries, are people who identify themselves as evangelical Christians.  Personally, I prefer Huckabee to Romney, because at least Huckabee takes a compassionate view on the subject of immigration.

Dismayed?  Frankly, yes.  I have trouble with a candidate who is an avowed creationist. This is the 21st century. I thought we had already fought the Scopes trial, and that the teaching of evolutionary science had won. I was wrong.  Many people who believe that God created human beings, as humans, reject any teaching of evolutionary science.   My concern is that if a person is wedded to a literal view of the Bible, then that same thinking might extend to spheres of science, education, technology and women’s rights. Ethics and reason are the guiding influences I would like to see  in a leader.  I guess I have a built-in cynicism towards anyone who wears his faith on his sleeve, or on his campaign button.  To me, the identification of your religion does not, by virtue of itself, make you a better person- very often, it makes you a hypocrite.   Do you agree, or am I overreacting?


5 thoughts on “Huckabee Wins Iowa- Surprised? Dismayed?

  1. I just read your blog as well. I see that you devote a long comment to Ron Paul- are you a supporter? I am not, because by nature I am a moderate, and actually rather strong on the subject of legislating in favor of wildlife and the environment. However, some of his ideas are quite appealing. I am curious as to whether his candidacy will actually translate into votes. Have you heard how he did tonight in the caucus?

    Thank you for writing. Have you listened to my radio show?

  2. I have not listened to you. Actually I am not quite sure how one goes about listening to you. Perhaps I would, if I figured it out.

    Ron Paul is one of the candidates I would like to become president. The other is Mike Gravel, you may know him as the fringe lunatic in the democratic events, but he has absolutely no chance.

    I’m not sure how Paul did tonight, hopefully he will do well come election-time. He interests me because I think we have strayed too far from our roots and we need a Jeffersonian-esque revolution. I agree that the environment needs legislation, but I think the government has its hands in so many honey-jars that it’s time to limit its role.

  3. Perhaps my comment on Gravel came off negatively. He is actually a proponent of direct democracy, something I’ve recently written about and was in favor for until now, due to the evident religious zealotry of the US, reconsidering if that’s something that we should implement. We have enough morality-based laws as it is, and I think we should probably keep teaching evolution in schools.

  4. Thanks for all of your thoughtful comments. I thought Gravel might have dropped out- he seems to have disappeared from any media coverage. I thought he was a forceful voice on the subject of the Iraq war, which at this point is a foregone conclusion. We are there, and we are going to stay there at least as long as we have been in Korea. Of course, the difference is that Korea has wanted us there, presumably, while over time it is going to become clear that Iraqis do not want us to stay.

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