Response to “The End of America” by Naomi Wolf

It has been quite a while since a book has gotten me so energized and agitated at the same time. Naomi Wolf’s “The End of America” has managed to do both. Ms. Wolf parallels actions and tactics of the Bush administration, post 9/11, with those of Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia and Mussolini’s Italy. The emergence of the Blackwater militia is just one of many frightening examples she details, with the support of much detailed research and cited quotations and facts. Ms. Wolf appeared on the show in November and I have publicly and privately urged everyone I know to buy her book and read it.

The response to “The End of America” has been mixed. Several people said that Ms. Wolf is exaggerating her premise and does not take the threat of terrorism seriously enough. One person said that despite the truth of Ms. Wolf’s claims, the end ( eradicating terrorism) justifies the means ( eroding civil liberties). Another said that Ms. Wolf is just another left-wing commie who can’t stand Bush. Other people have said that the book is an eye-opener, a must-read, and merely confirms what they have been saying all along, that this country is not as free as it used to be and that the Bush government is more akin to a criminal enterprise than an adminstration who obeys the Constitution. The book does one thing very well- it evokes a strong response, whatever your political view. Read it and make your own decision.

Ms. Wolf is making an encore appearance on the show on WYBC 1340 AM ( on January 4th. You can call in and talk to her yourself.


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