NPR reported today that Pres Bush signed a law which requires cars to get 35 miles per gallon by 2022, and use a lot of biofuel to do it. That sounds like the good part, although I have questions about all those cornfields being used for ethanol.

The bad part is that NPR also reported that incandescent lights are going away as well. I don’t know the details yet. Once again, in Congress’s haste to legislate away all “bad” things, they have overdone it. I don’t know about you, but I like my incandescent light bulbs. They make me look and feel a lot better than those blue-light, cold fluorescents do. There are also many people who simply can’t live with fluorescents, which are known to bring about migraine headaches. I am aware that incandescents are not as energy-efficient as fluorescents. But instead of banning them altogether, why can’t the government provide incentives for other lighting, so that over time the marketplace will create alternatives that look good, feel good and burn less fuel?

It may be time to go to Home Depot and hoard before it’s too late.


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